Course AZ-800-801 Comprehensive program Windows Server Hybrid Administrator |

Course AZ-800-801 Comprehensive program Windows Server Hybrid Administrator

It's time to renew certificates with Windows Server, especially after cloud integration and new versions of Windows Server itself!

At a time when the words "hybrid" and "cloud" become commonplace, the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification is the perfect proof of your skills and abilities! It is suitable for experts managing Windows Server on premises or in a hybrid environment. If you are doing tasks related to Windows Server, this certification is for you!

To make it easy for you to earn this certification, we have developed a comprehensive training program that includes tuition in Microsoft-authorized courses, preparation for passing and passing the required exams.

Application including:

  • training on 2 authorized Microsoft courses:

Course AZ-800T00 Administering a Windows Server Core Hybrid Infrastructure

Course AZ-801T00 Configuring Advanced Services for a Windows Server Hybrid Environment

The cost of the program includes 2 vouchers for taking exams at the test center or online.

Nice bonus – each voucher provides 2 attempts (the exam itself and a second attempt if necessary).

Teaching format and schedule:

Time: Courses are held in the evening, from 19:00 to 21:35.

Lessons: 20 classes, 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Duration: 1.7 months, 64 academic hours

Payment: Payment can be made by full subscription or in installments (please contact managers for details).

Audience Profile

The program is intended for Windows Server administrators who are already familiar with the hybrid platform and want to enhance their on-premises environments by combining on-premises and hybrid technologies.

The comprehensive course will be effective and convenient for those professionals who need to confirm their knowledge by certification and obtain official status, as it includes the possibility of passing exams.

Before attending this course, students must have:
  • опыт управления операционной системой Windows Server и рабочими нагрузками Windows Server в локальных сценариях, включая AD DS, DNS, DFS, Hyper-V и службы файлов и хранения;
  • опыт работы с наиболее распространенными средствами управления Windows Server;
  • базовые знания основных технологий вычислений, хранения, сетевых подключений и виртуализации Microsoft;
  • понимание основных сетевых технологий, таких как IP-адресация, разрешение имен и протокол DHCP, а также опыт работы с ними;
  • понимание Microsoft Hyper-V и основных понятий виртуализации серверов, а также опыт работы с ними;
  • минимальный опыт реализации служб IaaS и управления ими в Microsoft Azure;
  • базовые знания об Azure Active Directory;
  • практический опыт работы с клиентскими операционными системами Windows, такими как Windows 10 или Windows 11;
  • Общий опыт работы с Windows PowerShell.
  1. Identity Services in Windows Server
    • Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services
    • Managing AD DS domain controllers and FSMO roles
    • Implementing Group Policy Objects
    • Managing AD DS advanced features
  2. Implementing Identity in Hybrid Scenarios
    • Implementing hybrid identity with Windows Server
    • Deploy and manage Azure IaaS Active Directory domain controllers in Azure
  3. Windows Server Administration
    • Secure Windows Server Administration
    • Description of Windows Server Administration Tools
    • Windows Server settings after installation
    • Sufficient administration in Windows Server
  4. Hybrid management support
    • Remote administration and management of Windows Server IaaS virtual machines
    • Managing hybrid workloads with Azure Arc
  5. Hyper-V Virtualization on Windows Server
    • Configuring and managing Hyper-V
    • Configuring and managing Hyper-V virtual machines
    • Hyper-V workload protection
    • Running containers in Windows Server
    • Organizing containers in Windows Server using Kubernetes
  6. Deploying and configuring Azure virtual machines
    • Planning and Deploying Windows Server IaaS Virtual Machines
    • Configuring Windows Server IaaS virtual machine images
    • Automating the configuration of Windows Server IaaS virtual machines
  7. Network Infrastructure Services in Windows Server
    • DHCP deployment and management
    • Injecting Windows Server DNS
    • IP address management implementation
    • Implementing remote access
  8. Hybrid network infrastructure implementation
    • Implementing the hybrid network infrastructure
    • DNS implementation for IaaS virtual machines under Windows Server
    • Implementing IP addressing and routing for Windows Server IaaS virtual machines
  9. Managing File Servers and Storage in Windows Server
    • Windows Server File Server Management
    • Storage Spaces Implementation and Storage Spaces Direct
    • Introducing Windows Server Data Deduplication
    • Windows Server iSCSI Implementation
    • Implementing Windows Server Storage Replica
  10. Implementing the hybrid file server infrastructure
    • Azure File Services overview
    • Azure File Sync implementation
  11. Windows Server Security
    • Windows Sever User Account Protection
    • Windows Server Hardening
    • Manage Windows Server updates
    • Windows Secure DNS Server
  12. Implementing security solutions in hybrid scenarios
    • IaaS Implementing Network Security for Windows Server Virtual Machines
    • Audit security of IaaS virtual machines based on Windows Server
    • Manage Azure Updates
    • Create and implement allowed lists with adaptive application controls
    • Configuring BitLocker Drive Encryption for Windows IaaS Virtual Machines
    • Implementing change and file integrity monitoring for Windows Server virtual machines in IaaS
  13. High availability implementation
    • Introduction to Cluster Shared Volumes
    • Implementing Windows Server Failover Clustering
    • Implementing high availability for Windows Server virtual machines
    • Implementing High Availability of File Servers with Windows Server
    • Implementing scaling and high availability of Windows Server virtual machines
  14. Disaster Recovery in Windows Server
    • Hyper-V replica implementation
    • Protecting your on-premises infrastructure from disasters with Azure Site Recovery
  15. Implementing Recovery Services in hybrid scenarios
    • Implementing hybrid backup and recovery using IaaS on Windows Server
    • Secure your Azure infrastructure with Azure Site Recovery
    • Protecting virtual machines with Azure Backup
  16. Upgrading and migrating to Windows Server
    • Migrating Active Directory Domain Services
    • Migrating file server workloads using Storage Migration Service
    • Migrating Windows Server roles
  17. Implementing migrations in hybrid scenarios
    • Migrate on-premises Windows Server instances to Azure IaaS VMs
    • Upgrading and migrating laaS virtual machines from Windows Server
    • Containerization and migrating ASP.NET applications to Azure App Service
  18. Server monitoring and performance in Windows Server
    • Producer monitoringFeaturesWindows Server
    • Control and monitoring of Windows Server event logs
    • Introducing Windows Server Auditing and Diagnostics
    • Troubleshooting Active Directory
  19. Implementing operational monitoring in hybrid scenarios
    • Monitoring Windows Server IaaS virtual machines and hybrid instances
    • Monitor the health of Azure VMs using the browser and Azure Metrics Notifications
    • Monitor VM performance with Azure Monitor VM analytics
    • LAN and hybrid network troubleshooting
    • Troubleshoot Windows Server VMs in Azure

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