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Certification at the Certiport via TechExpert center

August 17, 2020 Certiport certification exams
Certiport Authorized Testing Center

Are you planning to pass the exam at the «TechExpert» Test Center, but have never taken it before? We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions that will provide you with all the necessary information.

Test Center «TechExpert» is an official partner of Certiport, with the status of Authorized Test Center. At our testing center, you can pass Microsoft exams for IT professionals and MOS for users.

What exams can I pass in Certiport?

Certiport is a leading provider of certification services aimed at increasing the individual productivity and competitiveness of professionals in the labor market. The following exams can be taken through the Certiport platform: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) and Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE).

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams were developed for users of office programs, who want to demonstrate their knowledge, proficiency and ability to manage all the features and capabilities of Microsoft Office.

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level certificate that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students planning an IT career. MTA exams were developed to assess and examine basic technical knowledge in three main areas: Developer, Database and IT Professional.

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is a professional development program for educators that aims to close the gap between technological skills and innovative learning. This certification provides reliable tools to help educators better integrate information and communications technology (ICT) into learning process.

Detailed information about Microsoft exams can be found at the following links:

What is the procedure of passing the Certiport exams?

Before passing the exam, candidates should register on the Certiport website and create an account. At the examination day, candidates should arrive at the test center 30 minutes prior to appointment time, in order to go through the check-in process. All candidates should have two acceptable forms of ID, otherwise you will not be allowed to test. From arrival at the test center to receiving the test scores, at each stage, you will be accompanied by test center administrator.

How much does it cost to pass the Certiport exams? How can I pay for the exam?

To find out information about the cost of the exam and the payment process, please write us at ntedutechexpert.ua or call us +380 (44) 390 73 35.

On what days can I pass the exam? Can I choose the date by myself?

The date and time of the exam are being agreed with the administrator of the test center «TechExpert». Please pay attention, that a candidate, who plans to take the exam, must contact the test center two weeks before the desired test date.

Where can I find exam tutorials?

You can download exam tutorials on the Certiport website, which contain information about duration of the exams and how many questions there are.

Where can I find the list of topics that will be considered on the exam?

Certiport exams consist of several parts (objective domains), each of which covers a specific topic. The list of topics that will be considered on the exam can be found on the Certiport website.

What is the format of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams?

MOS exams (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) are the project-based testing. These exams include multiple, small projects within Microsoft Office. For each project you will be asked to complete between 1 to 7 tasks, the total number of tasks can vary from between 25 to 46 (depending on exam).

Is it possible to retake the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in case of a failed attempt?

The candidate has the opportunity to order either only the exam (one attempt), or the exam with another additional attempt, ie with the right to retake. The cost of the exam with another additional attempt is slightly higher than the cost of the exam with one attempt.

What things can I bring with me into testing room?

Testing center has special individual lockers where candidates store all personal items during the test. Carrying food and drinks into the testing room, as well as other personal items, except for the ID and the key to supplied locker, is prohibited by the rules.

Is there a preparation courses at test center «TechExpert»?

Test center «TechExpert» operates on the basis of the «Networking Technologies» Education Center, which provides training for specialists in various areas. For more detailed information, please write us ntedutechexpert.ua or call us +380 (44) 390 73 35.

How can I find testing center «Techexpert»?

It is very easy to find our testing center, information about our location can be found at this page.

If you have additional questions please call us +380 (44) 390 73 35 or write to us at ntedutechexpert.ua.