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Certification at the «Networking Technologies» Education Center

International certification is the best opportunity to confirm the high professionalism of a specialist

Confirmation of certification

After passing the test, information is entered into the database of the company whose for products the candidate was tested. In case of successful passing the tests, the candidate receives a specialist certificate from the vendor.

Thus, at any point on the globe, one can find confirmation of the status obtained, and the degree of qualification awarded has universally recognized international significance.

Exam preparation

You can prepare for the exam using certified courses or on your own. However, it must be borne in mind that all exams require practical experience with a system or product and systematic theoretical knowledge.

Sign up at the Pearson VUE

Answers to questions regarding registration in Pearson VUE can be found here.

Microsoft exams

To pass the Microsoft exam, the candidate must create a profile on the site following the instructions.