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GMAT Certification

Conditions and passing the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

TechExpert is the single Test Center in Ukraine with the Authorized Test Center Select Pearson VUE® status, which gives the right to take GMAT exams.

GMAT is a mandatory test for those who enroll in business schools under the MBA program.

The test takes place on a computer in an isolated, specially equipped room of the TechExpert Test Center on the "Networking Technologies" Education Center basis in Kiev at the address: St. Degtyarevskaya 48, office 411.

Frequently Asked Questions about GMAT

Passing the GMAT exam is a serious step at the way to entering business school. Often, even before passing the test, candidates have various questions related to, for example, registration or payment process. That is why we prepared answers for the most common questions related to GMAT exam.

Where can I find information about GMAT exam?

You can find all the information about GMAT exam by visiting website MBA, we strongly recommend all candidates to visit this website before the exam. At this website, you will find a lot of useful information regarding registration, exam structure, payment, as well as self-study preparation materials. In addition, you can download the GMAT Handbook, which has a detailed information and instructions for candidates who pass the GMAT for the first time.

How to register for the exam? How to find out whether my registration was successful?

Our testing center do not register the candidates, all the candidates register by their own. You must create GMAT account and then go through the process of registration. After registration you will receive an email with the confirmation letter (if you do not see the letter, please check spam folder). In addition, information about your scheduled exam will be displayed at your GMAT account page.

How to pay for the exam?

Payment for the exam is made only through the MBA website. It is made once. There is no additional payment at the test center.

On what days can I pass the exam? Can I choose the date by myself?

During the registration process, you choose the date of the exam from the list of available dates by yourself.

Can I see available dates without registration?

Unregistered candidates can see available dates at MBA website. Click on the tab Find a Test Center, enter the name of the desired city, select the desired test center and click Next.

Can I reschedule / cancel the exam?

You can reschedule or cancel a GMAT exam only through the MBA website. You can find information about the cost of the exam or additional services at link.

What should I do if I have questions or problems during registration? Whom should I address for help?

If you have any questions or problems during the registration process, you should contact Pearson VUE Customer Service for assistance. Contact details are in the Contact Us section. Please pay attention that calls to Customer Service are charged and there can be an additional fee for the consultation, depending on the reason of the issue. In addition, the site has both an online chat and an offline form to contact Customer Service.

Is it possible to prepare for the exam at the TechExpert Test Center?

Techexpert Test Center do not prepare candidates for the GMAT exam, we do not cooperate with any training centers and do not have information where to find the preparation courses. The MBA website contains many different materials and manuals to help you prepare for GMAT testing.

What acceptable forms of ID should candidates bring to the testing center?

Candidates should arrive at the test center 30 minutes prior to appointment time, in order to go through the check-in process. Bring a valid photo ID; double check that your ID complies with your local ID requirements and that your name exactly matches your GMAT registration. A list of documents that are suitable for the exam can be found here.

I need the support of family and friends. Where can they wait for me during the exam?

All members of the family or friends are prohibited to stay in the testing center during the exams. If you are accompanied by a visitor, who wants to wait for you, there is a cozy cafe on the ground floor of the test center.

How can I find testing center Techexpert?

It is very easy to find our testing center, information about our location can be found at this page.