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Certification at the Pearson VUE via TechExpert

August 07, 2020 Pearson VUE certification exams
Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center Select

Are you planning to pass the exam at the «TechExpert» test center, but have never taken it before? We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions that will provide you with all the necessary information.

Test Center «TechExpert» is an official partner of Pearson VUE, with the status of Authorized Test Center Select. At our testing center, you can pass Microsoft, MOS and Linux certification, GMAT and other specialized certifications. Test Center «TechExpert» is a platform that meets all international testing requirements.

How can I register for the exam at the test center «TechExpert»?

You can find information about registration for the exam on website Pearsonvue.com, where more than thousand exams of various directions are presented. After selecting the For test takers tab, use the search bar to enter the name of the exam or a list from A to Z to go to the homepage of the organization that developed the test. The exam developer’s page always contains comprehensive information, which is useful for test candidates. From the developer’s page, you can find out about available exams, register for an exam, reschedule or cancel it, locate a test center near you, determine if you can take the exam online, find program-specific rules, customer service, and explore exam prep materials.

Where can I find information about my exam?

Every exam has its own nuances, which candidates for testing should familiarize themselves with in advance. Many organizations that developed the exam, on their page, post all the necessary for candidates information, for example, instruction for passing the exam, which contains information about the structure and format of the exam, questions that will be considered. In addition, you can find out if there are additional requirements that a candidate must meet to register for the exam.

Useful links of the companies developers of the exams:

How to register for the exam? How to find out whether my registration was successful?

Registration for the exam is carried out by the candidates themselves and takes place online on the Pearsonvue.com website. After registration you will receive an email with the confirmation letter (if you do not see the letter, please check spam folder). In addition, information about your scheduled exam will be displayed at your account page.

How to pay for the exam?

Payment for the exam is made online during registration. It is made once. There is no additional payment at the test center.

On what days can I pass the exam? Can I choose the date by myself?

During the registration process, you choose the date of the exam from the list of available dates by yourself.

Can I reschedule or cancel an exam?

You can reschedule or cancel the exam on website Pearsonvue.com. Please pay attention that a fee may be charged for these and some other services, which depends on the organization that developed the exam. Therefore, we advise you to reschedule or cancel the exam in advance.

What acceptable forms of ID should I bring to the testing center for the registration?

You can find a list of ID, required for passing the exam, either on the website of the organization that developed the exam or in a letter sent to your email address after registration. Please pay attention that the ID must be valid (not expired), legible and must be an original document (not a photocopy, fax, or digital ID).

What should I do if I have questions or problems during registration? Whom should I address for help?

If you have any questions or problems during the registration process, you should contact Pearson VUE Customer Service for assistance. Contact details are on the Contact Us page. Please pay attention that calls to Customer Service are charged and there can be an additional fee for the consultation, depending on the reason of the issue.

What things can I bring with me into testing room?

Testing center has special individual lockers where candidates store all personal items during the test. Carrying food and drinks into the testing room, as well as other personal items, except for the ID and the key to supplied locker, is prohibited by the rules. You can use food and drinks only during the break, if the break is included in the test.

What is the procedure of passing the exam at test center «TechExpert»?

Candidates should arrive at the test center 30 minutes prior to appointment time, in order to go through the check-in process. All candidates should have acceptable forms of ID, otherwise you will not be allowed to test. From arrival at the test center to receiving the test scores, at each stage, you will be accompanied by test administrator.

Is there a preparation courses at test center «TechExpert»?

Test center «TechExpert» operates on the basis of the «Networking Technologies» Education Center, which provides training for specialists in various areas. There are preparation for candidates who want to pass exams of the following vendors: Microsoft, MOS, LPI, IPMA, PMI, IBM, Cisco, HPE. For more detailed information, please write us ntedutechexpert.ua or call us +380 (44) 390 73 35.

I need the support of family or friends. Where can they wait for me during the exam?

All members of the family or friends are prohibited to stay in the testing center during the exams. If you are accompanied by a visitor, who wants to wait for you, there is a cozy cafe on the ground floor of the business center, where the test center is situated.

How can I find testing center «Techexpert»?

It is very easy to find our testing center, information about our location can be found at this page.

If you have additional questions please call us +380 (44) 390 73 35 or write to us at ntedutechexpert.ua.