Course NT-Cobit COBIT Foundation. Management and audit of information systems |

Course NT-Cobit COBIT Foundation. Management and audit of information systems

Quality delivery of IT services requires an internal control system supported by a methodology such as COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology). The course «COBIT Foundation. Management and audit of information systems» introduces students to the principles of control of management processes in IT, forms an idea of the content and use of COBIT, and also helps to determine the means and methods for monitoring IT management activities.

The course is taught according to COBIT 5.0. The first two days, students study technology according to the course program. During the third day, a workshop on the application of technology is held, during which a "game audit" is carried out. To simplify the work, speed up the processing of results and obtaining conclusions, access to specialized software is provided.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • carry out effective management and high-quality audit of information systems, control the optimal management of IT processes;
  • get acquainted with the COBIT control system, its main processes, models for assessing the capabilities of processes, determining the level of maturity of processes, the principles of auditing and controlling information technologies;
  • use the tools provided by COBIT to improve the processes of the IT department and the enterprise;
  • understand what needs to be done to build a management and control system in the field of IT;
  • be aware of the relationship of COBIT and ITIL to be used together to improve the effectiveness of IT management, control and management;
  • form a holistic understanding of the system of corporate governance and IT control in the company;
  • understand the principles of auditing the activities of IT departments.
Audience Profile

Heads of IT departments and specialists who manage IT projects.

Before attending this course, students must have:
  • experience in managing IT departments of medium and large companies, managing or participating in the implementation of IT projects.
  1. Introduction
    • Origin of COBIT
    • IT leadership as a process
    • Ensuring Strategic IT Compliance
    • Terms and Definitions: IT Governance
    • Key principles and areas of IT Governance
    • Purpose and main characteristics of the COBIT model
    • Approach and basic principle of COBIT in assessing the effectiveness of IT
    • Key Points: "COBIT Cube"
  2. Information Requirements
    • IT resources
    • IT processes
    • Elements of COBIT processes
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Construction of a diagram (matrix) of RACI
    • Process Assessment: Maturity Models
    • General Control Requirements for COBIT Processes
    • Process description structure: COBIT domains
    • Overview of COBIT processes
    • Components of the COBIT Model
  3. Business goals and goal transformation
    • List of IT goals
    • Distribution of business goals by IT goals
    • Allocation of IT Goals to COBIT Processes
    • Distribution of COBIT processes by key areas
    • Principles of audit and control
    • Goals of control
    • Control practices
    • Process Evaluation: Efficiency and Performance
    • Audit lifecycle
  4. Basic terms and definitions
    • Stages of the audit
    • Using an evaluation form to evaluate a process
    • Determination of the objectives, areas and criteria of the audit
    • Preparing an audit report
    • Issues of automating the audit process
    • Review, compare and share COBIT, ITIL® and other process models
  5. Comparison of COBIT and ITIL® v4 Models
    • ITIL® v4 framework and COBIT processes
    • Value Management Guidance for Assurance Professionals -Val IT 2.0
    • Sarban-Oxley Law (SOX)
  6. Comparison of COBIT and ITIL® v4 Models
    • Additional sources of information
  7. Conclusion

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