Course NT-Mac Apple ecosystem Security and Integration |

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Course NT-Mac Apple ecosystem Security and Integration

  1. Overview of components and technologies ecosystems services, platforms and equipment Apple
  2. Security macOS
    • Built-in functions security
      • Passwords, two-factor authorization
      • Apple ID, keychain in iCloud, firmware password, SIP, lock screen, accounts, disable automatic login
      • FileVault2 encryption
      • Limitation users
      • Check and change the list of users who maybe decrypt disk, reset passwords and keychain
      • Security downloaded from the internet applications
      • Notarial signature applications
    • Target mode fashion and his danger of theft data
    • Important folders and files. Preservation artifacts for investigation
    • Scripts using backup programs Time Machine and questions security
    • Vulnerabilities using service Bonjour, and like them to reduce.
    • Settings built-in firewall and third-party solution
    • Increase security external utilities service
    • Service search Spotlight and his impact on security
  3. Integration with directory services
    • Connect Mac to Active Directory.
    • Features work Mac with certificates and CA on Microsoft Windows Server based
    • Connecting a Mac to the Apple Open Directory
    • Connecting to resources file servers
    • Connection to Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Connecting to printers
    • Review of leading integration platforms class IDM + AM
  4. Implementation Windows virtual environment on Mac
    • Optimal decision custom experience on Vmware Fusion, Parallels, VirtualBox platforms
  5. Management of mobile devices and applications
    • Using Apple Configurator for training and management devices
    • Using Apple Profile manager for policy configuration and management iOS and macOS Version integration of Apple Profile Manager with Active Directory and Apple Open Directory
    • Advantages and model of use Apple Business Manager
    • Review different MDM / EMM / UEM. Case of using JAMF
  6. Methods restoration devices
    • Dropping devices macOS, iOS, and iPadOS to factory settings
    • Scripts recovery and transfer data between devices

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