Course NT-Docker Containerization and management on the Docker platform |

Course NT-Docker Containerization and management on the Docker platform

The course provides knowledge and practical skills in containerization and management on the Docker platform.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Containerize and manage systems and applications on the Docker platform.

Audience Profile

The course is intended for engineers who plan, configure and operate systems and applications on the Docker platform, including fault-tolerant solutions. The course will be useful for DevOps architects and developers who want to gain solid knowledge about the platform.

Before attending this course, students must have:
  • experience with Linux;
  • basic knowledge of network technologies;
  • experience in supporting cloud solutions, such as Amazon clouds.
  1. Overview of Docker containerization technology. Terminology
  2. Basic commands of the Docker platform. Starting and stopping containers. Getting information about containers
  3. Collection of images for containers. Manual build, build with Dockerfile
  4. Docker multi-container applications, Docker Compose, docker-compose.yml
  5. multi-stage builds
  6. Working with a Docker Hub repository and a private local registry repository
  7. Updates to generated images
  8. Various scenarios of network settings, interaction of containers and applications
  9. Clustering with Docker Swarm
  10. Monitoring containers with cAdvisor and Prometheus
  11. Fundamentals of security, digital signature of images, overlay networks and encryption
  12. Overview of DevOps implementation scenarios, CI/CD with Docker applications. Example of using GitLab, GitLab Registry

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