Course AZ-400T04 Implementing Dependency Management |

Course AZ-400T04 Implementing Dependency Management

This course provides the knowledge and skills to implement dependency management. Students will learn how to design a dependency management strategy and manage security and compliance.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Recommend artifact management tools and practices
  • Abstract common packages to enable sharing and reuse
  • Inspect codebase to identify code dependencies that can be converted to packages
  • Identify and recommend standardized package types and versions across the solution
  • Refactor existing build pipelines to implement version strategy that publishes packages
  • Manage security and compliance
  • Inspect open source software packages for security and license compliance to align with corporate standards
  • Configure build pipeline to access package security and license rating
  • Configure secure access to package feeds
Audience Profile

Students in this course are interested in implementing dependency management or in passing the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam.

Before attending this course, students must have:
  • Fundamental knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles
  • Experience in an organization that delivers software
  1. Designing a Dependency Management Strategy
    • Introduction
    • Packaging dependencies
    • Package management
    • Implement a versioning strategy
  2. Manage security and compliance
    • Introduction
    • Package security
    • Open source software
    • Integrating license and vulnerability scans

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