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Course M55258 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

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This course provides students with a detailed hands-on experience of the Sales features and components of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Attendees of this course will gain an in-depth understanding into the management of the Sales Pipeline in Dynamics 365, including Lead and Opportunity management, working with the Sales Order Process, the Product Catalog, Quotes, Orders and Invoices. The Sales Analysis features such as the Sales Reports, Sales Goal Management, Sales Charts and Dashboards are also presented in this course.  The course applies to both Business and Enterprise Editions of Dynamics 365 as well as Online and On-premise deployments.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the features and tools that exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SR’s and Sales Managers;
  • Be familiar with the stages of the Sales Order Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • Understand the fundamentals of Lead and Opportunity Management. Be able to track, manage, qualify Leads and convert to Opportunities and related customer records in Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • Know how to disqualify and cancel Leads, and convert Activity records to Leads and Opportunities;
  • Understand how to collaborate on Opportunities with other SR’s and close Opportunity records as Won and Lost;
  • Be able to track Competitors and Stakeholders;
  • Understand how to view Resolution Activities;
  • Add Products and Write-In Products to Opportunities;
  • Build and maintain a repository of Products, Product Bundles and Product Families in the Product Catalog;
  • Configure Unit Groups, Price Lists and Discount Lists;
  • Work with Product Properties and view a Product Hierarchy;
  • Create Quotes and add Products;
  • Work with the Sales Order Process to convert Quotes to Orders and Invoices;
  • Fulfill Orders and manage Invoice payments;
  • Explore the Sales Reports and create a custom Sales Report using the Reporting Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • Understand the significance of Sales Goal Management and Metrics in Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • Explore the Sales Charts and Dashboards and create a custom Sales Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for Sales Representatives (SR), Sales Managers and End-users who have an interest in the Sales components of Dynamics 365. Students should have an existing working knowledge of either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As a minimum, students should attend the prerequisite course ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365’.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Successful completion of the ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365’ course
  1. Introduction
    • Sales Order Process Scenarios
    • An Introduction to Sales in Dynamics 365
    • The Dynamics 365 Platform
    • Dynamics 365 Sales Fundamentals
    • Security Considerations
    • Where to get Help
    • Further Reading and Resources
  2. Lead Management
    • The Lead Management Process
    • Working with Lead Records
    • Working with the Lead Form
    • Lead Assignment
    • Leads and Activities
    • Qualifying a Lead
    • Disqualifying a Lead
  3. Opportunities Management
    • Introduction to Opportunities
    • The Opportunity Views
    • The Opportunity Form
    • Opportunity Sales Process
    • Closing an Opportunity
    • Resolution Activities
  4. Products
    • Introduction to the Product Catalog
    • Adding Products
    • Configuring Unit Groups
    • Price Lists and Price List Items
    • Product Properties, Bundles and Families
  5. Quotes, Orders and Invoices
    • Introduction to Order Processing
    • Adding Products to an Opportunity
    • Working with Quotes
    • Working with Orders
    • Working with Invoices
  6. Sales Analysis
    • Introduction to Sales Analysis in Dynamics 365
    • The Sales Reports
    • The Reporting Wizard
    • Working with Sales Charts
    • Working with Sales Dashboards
    • Working with Sales Goals and Metrics

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