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Course NT-PM(II) Microsoft Project for IT-projects

The course provides knowledge and practical skills of using Microsoft Project during the implementation of IT projects.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • use Microsoft Project Server to manage IT projects;
  • improve the quality of IT projects implementation.

Audience Profile

Managers and participants of IT projects who plan project work within the framework of waterfall and flexible project methodologies, create a resource pool of the team and assign tasks to performers, enter actual indicators and analyze progress, create visual reports on the project.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • knowledge of MS Project;
  • availability of a working model of the project.
  1. Preparing and configuring the application for use
  2. Using MS Project in infrastructure project management by a cascade method
    • Features of IT projects in planning, accounting for labor costs, resources, change management
    • Planning algorithm, including when working with government agencies
    • Optimization of the plan in terms of timing and loading of resources
    • Entering facts on the project
    • Project status analysis and change management
    • Reports and project closure
  3. Using MS Project in Agile Project Management
    • Features and limitations of MS Project
    • Preparing for planning, modeling a scorecard, determining what we will track
    • Project parameters, start and time constraints, available man-hours or capacity, command
    • Product Formation Backlog, entering User Story, prioritization and evaluation
    • Release planning and preliminary estimation of the number of project sprints
    • Sprint planning
      • Setting a sprint goal, defining a sprint work result increment
      • Sprint execution planning, detailing user stories for tasks
    • Implementation of the sprint, assignment of tasks for execution, daily update of the execution status, entering actual data about the execution
    • Analysis move Sprint Burdown Chart
    • Sprint rescheduling
    • Sprint Completion
    • Analysis of the progress of the project, Project Burn down Chart, making changes
    • Project Completion

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