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Course NT-PM(III) Reporting in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project users do not always use the reporting capabilities of the application when large amounts of project data are illustrated by bright and visual diagrams and images, tables and diagrams. This course is designed to remedy this situation.

Reports in Microsoft Project 2013 are easily customizable and can contain pictures, charts, tables, links, and other elements that will help you understand and understand the status of the project.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • use the capabilities of Microsoft Project 2016 to build a variety of reports on project data;
  • create highly visual and understandable, professional-looking reports directly in Project 2016 without exporting data to other programs;
  • display design data using visual reports, Excel pivot tables and charts, Visio pivot diagrams, and work with them in these applications;
  • work with the Timeline illustrating the progress of a project, customize it, add tasks, and use it in emails, presentations, and Microsoft Office documents.

Audience Profile

Project managers and employees involved in the work on project assignments.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Ability to work with Microsoft Project as part of a standard training course;
  • Proficiency in Excel and Visio preferred.
  1. Excel PivotTable Basics
  2. Visio Pivot Diagram Basics
  3. Using Visual Project Reports
    • Overview of visual reports
    • Using predefined visual reports
    • Creation of new reports. Editing and Managing Reports
  4. Export Reporting Data
  5. Using Project 2016 "new reports"
    • Overview of the new Project 2016 reports
    • Using predefined reports
  6. Create new reports
    • Setting up tables and charts
    • Using Images, Shapes, and Captions
    • Setting Report Page Options
    • Use Office themes to format a report
    • Copying Reports
  7. Setting up and using the Timeline

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