Course NT-PMS(II) Customization features of Project Server for business |

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Course NT-PMS(II) Customization features of Project Server for business

The course provides the knowledge and skills to customize Microsoft Project Server for business needs, as well as to work effectively with the application.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • effectively use Microsoft Project Server for project activities and project management;
  • customize the application for business needs.

Audience Profile

Project managers, professionals involved in project activities, and Microsoft Project Server administrators.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • mandatory attendance of the course “NT-PM(I). Project management using Microsoft Project” or equivalent knowledge;
  • it is desirable to attend the course “NT-PM101. Project management methodology and business practice specifics” or equivalent knowledge.
  1. Teamwork with projects based on Project Server 2013 Concepts
  2. How a user interacts with Project server
  3. Fundamentals of using Project Server by various user groups, project managers, resources, top managers and others
  4. Project interface web app
  5. General principles of Project administration server
  6. Set up accounts to connect Project to Project server
  7. Creation of projects. Using local and corporate templates
  8. Custom corporate fields. Lookup tables. Department fields
  9. The concept of a global corporate template. Creation of public corporate objects: filters, groups, views and others
  10. Setting up calendars
  11. Work in the project center. Project details
  12. Resource management
    • Creating, editing, activating and deactivating resources
    • Resource Pool Synchronization with Active Directory
    • Formation of the project team
    • Resource Decomposition Structure (RDS)
    • Local Resources
    • Role Resources. Skills resource skills. Replacing role and local resources with actual ones
    • Work in the resource center. View assignments and resource availability
  13. Server security management
    • SharePoint Permission Mode and Project Server Permission Mode
    • Users, groups, categories, security templates
    • Synchronizing security groups with Active Directory
    • Project Permissions Web App, server global permissions
    • Representative Management
    • Project Permissions
  14. Interface management, setting up views, groupings, Gantt chart format , quick launch bar
  15. Personal and resource alerts and reminders
  16. Some advanced server options
  17. Options and task display. Closing Tasks for Update
  18. Project site management
    • General principles for using project sites
    • Documents, questions, risks
    • Setting up document libraries
    • Project site interface customization
    • Setting permissions
    • Configuring Project Site Creation Options
  19. Force check in of corporate objects
  20. Removing Enterprise Objects
  21. Backup and restore
  22. Queue basics
  23. Business Intelligence and Reporting
  24. Portfolio strategy
    • Description of business factors
    • Determining the Priority of Business Factors
    • Determining project dependencies
    • Cost analysis
    • Resource analysis

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