Course NT-SQLtoAzure Migrating SQL Server solution to Azure cloud |

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Course NT-SQLtoAzure Migrating SQL Server solution to Azure cloud

The audience for this course is data and database management professionals who want to learn about administering the data platform technologies available in Microsoft Azure. This course is also valuable for data architects and application developers who need to understand what technologies are available for the data platform in Azure and how to work with these technologies using applications.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • plan, deploy, and configure Azure SQL data platforms, including high availability solutions;
  • plan and configure the Analysys data warehouse and services on Azure;
  • use Azure Data Factory for ETL processing.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • work with SQL Server, its support and development;
  • Azure experience such as deployment and resource management.

Successful Azure DBAs begin this role with professional database management experience and technical knowledge of cloud technologies.

  1. Overview of Azure platforms data
    • Data storage and integration
    • Azure storage (blob, table)
    • Relational Databases and NoSQL Services
    • Data analysis
  2. Planning a SQL Server Deployment at Microsoft Azure
    • SQL Server on Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Database
    • Azure SQL Server Authentication
    • Deploying databases in Azure SQL Database
    • Hands-On: Planning and Deploying Azure SQL Database
  3. Migrating databases to Azure SQL Database
    • Database Migration Testing Tools
    • Database Migration Compatibility Issues
    • Migrate an on-premises database to Azure SQL Database
    • Migrate SQL Server with Azure
  4. Deploying SQL Server on a Microsoft Virtual Machine Azure
    • Deploying SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
    • Transferring a database to a Microsoft virtual machine Azure
    • Hands-On: Deploying SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine
  5. Plan and implement a high availability and disaster recovery environment in Azure
    • High availability and disaster recovery strategies
    • IaaS and PaaS platform and database tools for HADR
    • Database backup and restore
  6. Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Benefits of SQL Azure Warehouse
    • Azure SQL Database Warehouse
    • SQL Azure development Warehouse
    • Migrating to SQL Azure Warehouse
    • Run Data Models in Azure Services Analysis services
    • Hands-On: Implementing SQL Azure Warehouse
  7. Implementing an ETL process with Azure Data factory
    • What is Azure Factory
    • Provision an Azure service Factory
    • Building blocks of Azure Factory
    • Integration runtime
    • Copying data and converting data
    • Planning for Azure Actions factory .
    • How to run SSIS packages on Azure Factory
    • Hands-On: Copying Data with Azure factory

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