Course NT-WS2019 Installing and сonfiguring Windows Server 2019 |

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Course NT-WS2019 Installing and сonfiguring Windows Server 2019

The course provides knowledge and skills for implementing Windows Server 2019 infrastructure in an existing corporate environment, in particular, for implementing, managing, maintaining and configuring Windows Server 2019 services and infrastructure. New approaches to organizing IT infrastructure, implemented in Windows Server 2019, will allow you to create and leverage new business and IT benefits.

How it differs from the course WS-011:

  • This is basic and is recommended for students starting a career as a Windows Server System Administrator.
  • Includes all the minimum topics to get started with the product: installation, Active Directory, network configuration, storage, virtualization (for comparison - in the Windows Server 2016 line, these are three separate courses).
  • Excluded topics that take significantly longer to learn (IIS, Certificate Services, RDS).
  • The volume of the material has been significantly reduced, which will allow us to consider the most important topics in more detail.
  • Uses ground a lab environment that is more manageable and productive.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • install and configure Windows Server 2019;
  • manage Active Directory objects;
  • automate Active Directory administration;
  • implement TCP / IPv4, DHCP, DNS, IPv6, local storage, file and print services, group policies;
  • implement server virtualization using Hyper-V service;
  • configure Windows security settings.
Audience Profile

The course is intended for IT professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and technical skills in installing and configuring core services and performing the initial configuration of Windows Server 2019 in an existing Windows server environment.

The course is suitable:

  • novice administrators;
  • support representatives for the Server Administration Specialization;
  • for cloud administrators to understand the capabilities of Windows Server 2019 as a platform for IaaS solutions.

Before attending this course, students must have:
  • an understanding of the basics of networking, a basic understanding of the TCP / IP stack;
  • an understanding of the basic concepts of AD DS, experience in a domain environment (at support level 1);
  • understanding best security practices;
  • knowledge of server hardware;
  • experience in configuring client operating systems Windows 7 or 10;
  • experience in supporting any operating system not lower than Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008;
  • knowledge of technical English.
  1. Deploying and Managing Windows Server 2019
    • Windows Server 2019 Overview
    • Installing Windows Server 2019
    • Windows Server 2019 Core
    • Windows Server 2019 Post-Installation Setup
    • Overview of Windows Server 2019 Management
    • Introduction to Windows PowerShell
  2. Introduction to Active Directory Domain Service
    • Overview of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    • Browse Domain Controllers
    • Installing Domain Controllers
    • Azure Active Directory
  3. Manage Active Directory Domain Service Objects
    • User Account Management
    • Group Management
    • Computer Account Management
    • Delegating Administrative Authority
  4. Automating Active Directory Domain Services Administration
    • Using Command Line Tools
    • Using Windows PowerShell for Administration
    • Performing Administrative Operations Using Windows PowerShell
  5. IPv4 Implementation
    • TCP / IP Overview
    • Understanding IPv4 Addressing
    • Defining subnet masks for supernetting and subnetting
    • Configuring and Troubleshooting IPv4
  6. DHCP Implementation
    • DHCP Server Role Overview
    • Configuring DHCP Scope
    • DHCP Database Management
    • DHCP Security and Monitoring
  7. DNS Implementation
    • Name Resolution for Windows Server and Clients
    • Installing DNS Server
    • Configuring DNS zones
  8. IPv6 Implementation
    • IPv6 Overview
    • IPv6 Addressing
    • Coexistence with IPv4
    • IPv6 Address Translation Technologies
  9. Local storage implementation
    • Overview of Repositories
    • Disk and Volume Management
    • Implementing heap storage
  10. Implementing File and Print Services
    • Securing Files and Folders
    • Protecting Shared Folders Using Shadow Copies
    • Dynamic Access Control
    • Configuring Work Folders
    • Configuring Network Printing
  11. Group Policy Implementation
    • Group Policy Overview
    • Group Policy Processing
    • Implementing a central repository for administrative templates
  12. Securing Windows Servers
    • Windows Security Overview
    • Security Settings
    • Identity Protection
    • Software limitation
    • Configuring Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Options
    • Just Enough Administration
  13. Securing Server Virtualization Using Hyper-V Service
    • Virtualization Technology Overview
    • Hyper-V Implementation
    • Managing virtual machine storage
    • Virtual Network Management
    • Shielded VMs & ndash; protected virtual machines
    • Working with containers

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