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We continue to work

March 14, 2022 academy courses

Dear friends, partners and colleagues!

Despite Russian aggression and the martial law in Ukraine, TechExpert continues to operate. As before, we provide quality IT services and are ready to implement projects on time. According to the circumstances we pursue a flexible pricing policy and, if necessary, offer opportunities for deferred payments, discounts on socially significant projects. We provide free services to law enforcement agencies and organizations that work directly to win the war. We are also ready to take part in socially important projects of the state. It is important for us that the economy of our country works, people earn money, thus supporting themselves, their loved ones, the country and the people. Therefore, we make our best contribution and call on domestic and foreign partners to connect and create a solid foundation for the victory of the side of Good and Freedom.

As before, we develop, improve and maintain solutions in which we have extensive experience:

  • Business process automation based on MS SharePoint Server and MS SharePoint Online;
  • Construction of electronic document management systems, corporate portals, etc.;
  • Automation of IT services management based on GLPI;
  • Implementation and refinement of CRM-systems MS Dynamics 365 (modules of sales, marketing, service);
  • Custom software development on various technologies.

We also remind you that part of our company's business is the Department of Infrastructure Solutions, with which we can configure the platform and place your solution in reliable data centers in Poland, where your data will be completely secure. In the context of temporary economic and military-political instability in the country, we are ready to transfer your infrastructure and software solutions to Microsoft servers.

The following services we offer you are currently relevant:

  • Data backup to data centers in Ukraine and the EU;
  • Infrastructure migration to the clouds onbiz.biz and MS Azure;
  • Moving your accounting systems and ERP to the cloud;
  • Desktop service in the cloud for remote work;
  • Services for administration and migration of any IT systems in the cloud and "on the ground".

Our Networking Technologies Education Center can remotely train you to work with Microsoft business products, as well as organize programming courses for any programming language. In particular, the education center offers:

We wish you success and a safe life! Glory to Ukraine!